Are you vegetarian or vegan? Be happy now we have got vegetarian and vegan cooking class for you, we cook nutritious vegetarian Zanzibar dishes , highly healthy dishes, come to enjoy Zanzibar vegetarians.
If you are vegetarian or vegan its your choice we highly respect your decission and we are here to give you more freedom, choice and enjoyment in our Zanzibar vegetarian and vegan culinary.
Welcome to Zanzibar vegetarian cooking class, its great cooking class from happy chefs, learn from soups, starters, main dishes with Zanzibar  greens.
Zanzibar traditional vegetarian dishes for your health, come and enjoy this Zanzibar cooking class with experienced cooks who knows Zanzibar vegetables like their names.

Zanzibar is an Island sorrounded with green stuff which includes spices, vegetables, fruits, root-food etc, blessed small island which can offer you delicious vegetarian and vegan meals after your cooking class, recipes will be forwarded on request.
Opening hours
3pm - 6pm

price per person $20 only (it includes local public transport, shopping together at Mwanakwerekwe market, cooking class plus meals of 3 dishes with soft drinks made out of our available seasonal fruits  (fruits and vegetable juice).
Don't waste your opportunity, this Zanzibar traditional cooking tour is one of the most great thing for your holiday.                   
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